Traveling Comedians

This is a travel comedy show starring Japanese celebrities. The performers are comedians Hidehiko Masuda and Keisuke Okada of the comedy group Masuoka and TV celebrity Ruriko Kojima (Koji-Ruri), led by HBC anchor Marina Kinjo. This spirited quartet travels to traditional tourist spots in the kingdom of tourism, Hokkaido, trying to identify “the charm of the well-worn.” They also probe for odd anecdotes about these sightseeing spots by interacting with shop owners and whoever happens to be there at the time.

These well-worn travel spots, which even the locals get a little tired of looking at, play as a host to many odd anecdotes that nobody knows. The hidden hobbies of shop owners, the little-known stories told by regulars, and secret ingredients used in popular dishes… Learning secrets like these greatly increase the appeal of these tourist spots.

We will present the information necessary for viewers to visit these sites, while also making them laugh. This unique comedy travel show will not just make you want to go to the places; it will make people who have already been there want to go again!


clock2 16 episodes; 30 minutes

calendar 2016

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