Message Man

A retired hitman must return to face his bloody past to find redemption.

From director Corey Pearson comes the ultra-violent and brutal tale of an ex-assassin who must bring his lethal skills back to the surface when he must protect a woman and her children from a ruthless slavery ring and an old nemesis who is out for revenge.

The feature length film is an Australian/Indonesian co-production and just like other Indonesian action films, Message Man pulls no punches and gives action genre fans a good dose of bloody retribution.

The hero is Australian star Paul O’Brien who portrays Ryan Teller, a mysterious introvert who is trying to live a quiet life in Southeast Asia. He was once known as the Message Man because when he talked, people listened, and then usually dropped dead.

Unfortunately for him, the ugly past comes knocking once again and now he must set aside his tranquil existence and do what he does best and that’s kill a lot of people.

Ryan Teller is living on a boat and keeping to himself until he meets a young local boy named Doni (Aji Santosa) who lives with his sister and mom, Jenti (Agni Pratishtha). He sees that the family is in dire need of food so, against his better judgment, he offers Doni a job helping him out.

Unfortunately, there’s a ruthless pirate on the island that kidnaps young girls to be sold off to the highest bidder who is led by a slick dangerous man named Lee (Verdi Solaiman) from Teller’s past.

Fate intervenes one day and when Doni is injured by some of Lee’s goons, Teller must now accept who he really is and take out the trash one more time. What follows is a pulse pounding display of bullets, fist jabbing and blistering knife battles.

MESSAGE MAN delivers its message of action and mayhem loud and clear.


clock2 91 minutes

calendar 2018

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