Talent Taxi

Simon Yin is judge, jury, and driver as passengers of his souped-up New York styled cab give back seat performances for big, big prizes. Think ‘Asia’s Got Talent’ meets ‘Cash Cab’. Got it? Great. Now hop in!

Whether you’re a magician or a comedian, a ventriloquist or a vocalist – if you can pull off your best performance in the back seat of our pimped-up cab, you could win some pretty spectacular prizes. But if you’re bad, judge, jury and driver Simon Yin (for our Singapore version) will stop the car, cover you in slime from head to toe, make you get out and walk home.

In every episode of this talent-series-on-wheels our gregarious host scours the city streets in search of undiscovered talent. He (or she) will expect all passengers to sing for their supper – including unsuspecting pedestrians picked up during filming. For the passengers who impress our host the most, the crazy cabbie will drive them to secret locations across the city for some pretty bizarre prizes. So, sit tight, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for one heck of a joyride!


clock2 12 episodes; 30 min

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