Eye Contact

In this action-packed studio competition series, two celebrities go head-to-head in the ultimate stare-off battle. The rules are simple – make and don’t break eye contact with your opponent, because the first to look away loses. Easy, right? Of course not! You see, both contestants have a Weapon of Mass Distraction to fire at their opponent. This is a hilarious attention diversion device that plays on their rival’s fears and should make them break eye contact.

Our host finds out what each celebrity’s phobias are in pre-match interviews before moving the players to a battle arena in the middle of the studio. It’s here that the famous foes lock eyes and take turns at launching attacks by pushing a big red button that’s directly in front of them. With stars like Adele fearing fluffy ducks and Hugh Jackman being terrified of fat men – the opportunities for ridiculous weaponry are limitless!

After the first battle the host and players return to the interview couch to review what happened and delve further in to their personal and professional lives. Celebrities play to the best of three. Each round = one WMD launch. If the match goes to a deciding round then that WMD is decided by our fiendish production crew. We then repeat all the above with a second set of celebrities before pitting the winners of each match against each other in a frenzied show finale. Yep, you read that right. We will do all the above again, but with another pair of famous faces!

Welcome to Eye Contact, where all the shock and horror of Fear Factor is mixed brilliantly with the comedy and camaraderie of Lip Sync Battle. All you have to do is sit back, relax and not look away.


clock2 12 episodes; 30 min

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