Another unique journey show featuring a famous picture book writer whose name is Sora. As the title “img/eatrip/Eatrip” shows, the theme is “eat” and “trip.” We try to convey the charm of Hokkaido through the sensibility of the writer, instead of showing so-called tourist destinations and eating famous food of Hokakido.

Where Sora visits are not specialized for tourist at all such as a rice farmer in Sorachi, asparagus farmer in Biei, sake cellar in Kuriyama, established more than 100 years ago. The existence of those places are known, but not many people have recognized those were attractive. Sora gives light on thoughts and philosophies of products producers that is spread in the back.

Viewers will enjoy calm and silent atmosphere, as well as beautiful landscape of Hokkaido shot by 4K camera. Viewers will also be stimulated to explore the deep of Hokkaido. Footage will be provided either 4K or HD.

  Lifestyle; Travel

clock2 25 episodes; 30 minutes

calendar 2015

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