The story begins with an assassination of a Jakarta –Kuala Lumpur criminal network king pin in Jakarta prison. His ‘removal’ was the organization’s strategic step towards spreading their wings into money politics. This tears the organizations into two factions. One faction promotes the organization’s involvement in the nation’s politic, operating as the handler of the dirty politic money, sourced from the resourceful of evil corporations, inadvertently promoting bribery, disrupting fairness in elections and ultimately national chaos.

As the organization shatters itself into pieces, Arian, the assassinated kingpin’s confidant flees to Malaysia –in search of a retired and elusive organization leader that was meant to take over kingpin’s place in leadership. His search leads him to an underground fight club, where he happens meet upon Fuad and Fara–the leader’s eldest son and youngest daughter. Upon learning who Arians, Fuad refuses to disclose his father’s whereabouts.

Sparks and fire ignites when Arian and Fara first meet. Arian was mesmerized by Fara’s rebellious charm and finds himself even more attracted to her as she steps into the ring, gracefully taking upon an opponent three times her size. As Fara begins to win the fight, Arian takes it upon himself to intervene when her opponent begins attacking her with a concealed weapon –ultimately saving her life.


clock2 8 episodes; 60 minutes

calendar 2019

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