Critical Moments

Critical Moments is set in a large hospital where the staff interacts as colleagues and life saving doctors but most of all as members of one big family. It’s about their personal lives, their professional lives, their relationships, their hopes, their successes and their failures and the moments of life and death they face every day, the smiles, tears, frustrations and the laughs … a human drama in all its aspects.

Critical Moments is not just about a hospital. Nor is it just about doctors and their medical practice. It is about the drama of human beings and the drama of saving lives. The hospital is merely a venue for all types of dramatic situations; from the fear of losing a loved one, to the joy felt at their survival; from the importance of a decision made within seconds, to the difficulty of making life-altering choices; from the obvious emotions of a patient’s family to the hidden emotions of the hospital’s family; from a doctor’s satisfaction after saving a patient to the guilt he feels for neglecting his family at home.

Apart from the stories and dramatic arcs the show’s main characters there also is the drama surrounding the patients who come into the hospital. Each patient has a unique story which often allows our characters to become deeply involved in the lives of their patients.


clock2 94 episodes; 60 min

calendar 2008-2013

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