Cinta Ibadah

Cinta Ibadah tells a story about a happily married couple, Siti and Hafiz. Unfortunately their happiness doesn’t last for long when Siti is diagnosed with cancer. Shattered by this, Siti decides to keep the disease from Hafiz’s knowledge. Not wanting Hafiz to suspect anything about her health condition, Siti gets Rina, a woman she met who bears an uncanny resemblance to her, to take her place while Siti undergoes treatment for her cancer.

Rina was very reluctant in the beginning, but eventually agreed when Siti mentioned that she would bear all the expenses for the treatment of Rina’s ailing mother. Situation gets sticky when Rina starts falling in love with Hafiz and Hafiz begins to suspect that Rina isn’t really his wife. He starts to pursue the truth and is shattered by his discovery. Siti requests her husband to get married to Rina, as her cancer gets worse…hoping her wishes will be fulfilled by her husband.


clock2 133 episodes; 30 min

calendar 2014

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