SILVER WOLF INTERNATIONAL and SWITCH INTERNATIONAL have entered into an agreement to co-own and co-produce a new library of factual content in HD. Both companies will co-distribute the programming globally, with SILVER WOLF specialising in Asia.

The new venture kicks start with the release of a new slate of titles with: Curious?, Re-Think!, Life’s A Beach, Animal Societies and Cities of the World, all of which are available in thirteen 30-min episodes and ninety-one 3-min episodes.

Re-Think! is a factual entertainment series which explores the way we see and interpret the world around us with engaging tests, activities, demonstrations and explanations while Curious? answers the big and little questions about the mysteries and marvels of science, technology, inventions, systems and the rules of nature that we come into contact with every day.

The co-funding venture will result in the building of an impressive factual IP library and an experienced distribution team. The separate production unit will roll out twelve new series over the first twelve months.

About Silver Wolf International:
Silver Wolf International is a media entity specializing in rights management, content distribution and co-production. Silver Wolf maintains an extensive catalogue representing the work of renowned producers as well as its own premier IP library. Led by a team with a track record in delivering no less than 2,000 hours of content annually, Silver Wolf is a seasoned presence at international media markets and distinguishes itself with its strong global outlook, extensive network and strategic collaborations.

About Switch International:
Switch International is one of the leading independent factual content distributors in Australia. It specializes in HD, Biographies, Entertainment, Lifestyle & Travel, Health, Environment & Space, Science & Technology, Animals & Kids, History and Sports.