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Silver Wolf is bound for Africa!


Silver Wolf International is in attendance at Discop Africa, the market for African television and film content. Happening in Johannesburg, the event runs from 2 to 4 November 2016 and connects buyers, sellers and independent producers from across the globe.

This marks the first time Silver Wolf is exploring the African content market. Armed with a lineup of brand new titles including Curious, Animal Society and two new programs, UK and Korea, in the Salam Ramadhan series, Africa is a territory Silver Wolf is certain to penetrate in 2017. With a reported revenue of $1 billion in the TV wholesale business in 2015, Africa is a vibrant region with several opportunities for pay television and digital platforms.

Representing Silver Wolf is CEO, Mr. Abdul Rashid Budin who is contactable at [email protected] for meetings at Discop Africa.

Silver Wolf confirms 3 new titles with Switch International


Partners Silver Wolf International and Switch International have announced the addition of three new programs to their co-production lineup of factual content. Both companies will share worldwide distribution rights, with Silver Wolf specialising in Asia.


The three new series, More Curious, Festivals of the World and ReThink will be produced in HD in the format of thirteen 30-minute episodes. More Curious and Festivals of the World will also be available as interstitials of ninety-one 3-minute episodes.


More Curious takes a look at the bizarre, amazing and fascinating insights into the mysteries and marvels of everyday phenomena, science, technology, inventions, systems and the rules of nature. Festivals of the World features large and small festivals from iconic to quirky and studies how different corners of the globe put on a party, step into the marquee, garden or community street to celebrate their special days and occasions. ReThink explores how the brain and senses really work by testing one’s perception through visual illusions, mind games and sensory puzzles.

New Travelogues for Silver Wolf International

Silver Wolf International and Monstrou Studios have entered into a co-production agreement to roll out two travelogues based on the highly acclaimed Salam Ramadhan series.


Entitled Salam Ramadhan UK and Salam Ramadhan Korea, the partnership sees Monstrou Studios helming the production with worldwide distribution managed by Silver Wolf International.


Comprising five 30-minute HD episodes, the first episode is slated to premiere during Mipcom in October. The series is already available for pre-sales.


The Salam Ramadhan series explores the different ways of how Muslims around the world usher in the holiest month of the Islamic year. The series has enjoyed airings in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei with six seasons running since its pilot in 2009.