Future Food

By 2050, the world’s population will have risen to around 9.5 billion and will require 70% more food than we grow today. The six part series, Future Food, asks how we are going to feed ourselves in the 21st century.

Old or New?
Can a new geneation of top chefs in Lima, Peru, using traditional ingredients and methods, compete with agribusiness, processed food and GM crops to feed 9.5 billion people in the future?

Food or Fuel?
Kenyan Farmer and campaigner, Moses Shaha is cynical about biofuels. Are they are a threat to farming and food security or can they inspire innovation and help the environment long-term.

Big or Small?
Big agribusinesses are squeezing small farmers out of the Great Plains of Nebraska, USA. Is industrial farming, with its economies of scale, the only way to feed the world or can the small-scale farmer offer a feasible alternative?

Fat or Skinny?
A recent study revealed that over one in six schoolchildren in Delhi are overweight. India is now a country on the edge of two possible futures: a future that’s well fed and healthy; or a future with Western diets and Western obesity.

Near or Far?
Nigerian Minister for Agriculture has provoked a debate – on a globalized planet should countries like Nigeria really try to grow all their own food?

Stay or Go?
Can Shanghai-based social media agency, Resonance apply their branding skills to convince the young that farming is sexy?

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calendar 2012

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