Cult Collection

Have you ever thought that a really good car is like a beautiful woman? For example, a Cabriolet somehow reminds of the majesty and pride of Marlene Dietrich? And the delicate lines of a Jaguar of the 1961 model, the so-called Jaguar_E, are in some way similar to the lightness and eccentricity of Audrey Hepburn? And Demi Moore’s smile is as wise, divinely luring and complex as a Mercedes-Benz GLC itself.

The project «Cult Collections» is a fusion of visual and technical pleasures. The project will tell about two directions, the first concerns well-known classic cars, and the second is devoted to military armored vehicles. We will show the elaborate works, where every detail of a real car is accurately recreated in a minute handmade model. It is worth emphasizing that each model exists only in a single copy. Due to macro-shooting, «Cult Collections» displays to the audience all the secrets and details
of the models that have become cultic.

Edutainment, Cars, Machines

clock2 50 episodes; 3 minutes (Voiceless with English graphics)

calendar 2017

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