Muluk who holds a bachelor’s degree, finds it difficult for him to land a job in the big city of Kuala Lumpur. On his way to look for job, Muluk accidentally saves Sepoi, a homeless man, who is captured by a group of thugs know as ‘Carlos Gang’. Muluk and Sepoi manage to escape and return a briefcase which contains ransom money to the police. Dato’ Ni La, the righful owner of the briefcase, thanks Muluk and Sepoi by offering them jobs as security officer in his company.

Muluk and Sepoi meet Ocen when during their training at the security company where they work. Under the supervision of Mr. So’ot, the three of them successfully completed the training with Muluk is announced as the best trainee. Muluk states his mission statement during the graduation ceremony, he will commit to his responsibilities regardless of what people think of a security officer. Muluk, Sepoi and Ocen start carrying out their responsibilities as security officer at different places as instructed.

They are finally assigned to guard a diamond necklace worth RM 40 million which will be showcased in an exhibition. On the night before the exhibition takes place, Carlos Gang plans to steal the diamond necklace.

Muluk and his friends who are aware of the plan has tricked and arrested the Carlos Gang. Dato ‘Ni La, who is also the owner of a diamond necklace, rewards Muluk, Sepoi and Ocen with RM 1 million each for their bravery.


clock21 episode; 90 min

calendar 2016

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