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Silver Wolf International


Incorporated in 2016, Silver Wolf International is the home of those who are always on the hunt for quality content. Based in Singapore but with a foothold in markets around the world, we are an all-rounded, forward-thinking media company whose services range from rights management and content distribution, to investment, strategy and production. Upholding values of integrity, camaraderie and excellence, Silver Wolf is not just about chasing content, it’s about changing the game.


Our spectrum of offerings include children’s entertainment, animation, documentaries, lifestyle and films. As both content producers and distribution specialists, we retain exclusive worldwide rights to our own premier IP library while representing catalogues ranging from broadcasting giants to renowned independent producers.

Helmed by media mavens, Silver Wolf consists of a lean team whose sales successes include licensing no less than 2,000 hours of media per year to in-flight, mobile, television and OTT platforms. Backed by our ravenous appetite for quality content, our IP library is constantly evolving to provide an extensive selection of programming options for every screen and need. Rest assured, if you have a screen, we’re sniffing out the best the world has to offer. Need a sampling of our titles? Don’t hesitate to enquire on the availability of our programmes for your desired territory and platform.


Fun fact of the day: the lone wolf is just a myth. In reality, the wolf is a pack hunter, and relies on teamwork and collaboration to get the job done. As content representatives, we see value in building powerful partnerships with you and your team. Our mission is to maximise the potential of every IP under our charge and we achieve that by making sure your product is seen by the right people.

We are a fierce force at international markets and festivals – such as Hong Kong Filmart, World Content Market, Mip and Discop markets. While we’ve built an extensive global network of industry associates, Asia remains our stronghold, where we are in direct contact with broadcasters and platform-owners around the region. Appoint us as your ambassador, and get ready to make an impact.


Are you a producer looking to develop a project? Or an investor keen on exploring opportunities within the media industry? Our experience and insight can help transform the marketplace from a wilderness into a world of possibility. With our co-production and co-financing capabilities, we supervise and coordinate all stages of IP development to breed finished products out of pitches. As a strategic partner, our knowledge of the media landscape will put you at the forefront of revolutionary content. No matter who you are, we welcome you to capitalise on our sharp editorial insights and strong business acumen to help you not only chase your wildest dreams and turn them into reality.


To meet the pack, contact us at hello@silverwolfintl.com or leave a message here.